Student Testimonials

Gila creates a thoughtful and safe container to do powerful, curious inquiry and self-reflection paired with high quality technique. She strikes a perfect balance of cheerleader and ally, supportive, encouraging, and real. She is a passionately aspirational writer and teacher who can't wait to see what you think of these five essays she loves. I gained great exposure to new writers, types of writing, and techniques. She is deeply committed to supporting you on your journey as a technically adept writer, a publishable essayist, and as a whole, messy, and beautiful human being.  
- Julie A, Community Organizer

This course was my first time participating in a writing workshop, and it's crazy, I didn't know I was capable of the type of writing we were creating. It was a perfect balance of reading, writing and sharing. It was definitely worth the time and money, and I would love to participate in one again. 
 - Austin B., Finance Associate

In Gila's class was the first time I felt comfortable to write vulnerably and about content I have always wanted to explore. I can definitively say, during her course, I grew the most as a writer. This growth was thanks to Gila's lectures and feedback and I am more than grateful. She has been such an understanding and encouraging teacher. I could gush further but I'd rather stop while I'm ahead.
-  Al N, Student

I really liked that the class was centered on reading, writing, and discussing the readings and each other's writing, with minimal lecturing. This approach really works for me. All of the writing exercises were helpful, and I liked that they were connected to the readings we had just done. Gila was great and I appreciated her positivity and questions that showed active listening/reading. 
- Tim C., Technology Engineer