Welcome, You are Not Alone!

Anxiety can be a terrifying, sneaky, all-encompassing disorder, that no one should have to battle alone. If you suffer from clinical levels of anxiety, panic, obsessive thinking, and their attendant symptoms, you are in excellent company. Some of the smartest, most creative, brave, and successful people were able to achieve historic accomplishments with intense anxiety disorders, including Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Stephen Colbert, and many, many more.

I’ve written extensively on anxiety and panic disorder, and have become an unwitting anxiety expert through my lifelong experience managing and living with anxiety and panic disorder with touches of agoraphobia, OCD, and various phobias (driving, flying, etc). I’ve received thousands of emails, Facebook and Instagram messages, and inquiries through this website from people looking for anxiety help. Anxiety can feel extremely isolating and debilitating, but it’s the most common mental health challenge in our country - 20% of Americans will suffer from clinical levels of anxiety at some point in their lives. Connecting with others and sharing experiences can be hugely normalizing and relieving. Below, please find a collection of anxiety-related pieces I’ve published, as well as anxiety coaching offering and resources. Yours in service, Gila


One-on-One Anxiety Coaching

Please note that I am not a licensed therapist and my help does not replace therapy or medication. What I can do, and have done for many, is offer:

  • strategies and tools for combatting anxiety and managing symptoms

  • understanding of the science and research on anxiety and panic, which can be extremely empowering and helpful in de-escalating fear

  • guidance navigating various therapies and strategies that may be helpful to you

  • support and empathy from someone who’s been where you are many, many times before.


“I found Gila's calm demeanor and informed point of view incredibly comforting. Seeing and hearing someone who experienced something so similar to me explain that everything I was saying was normal, I'm not losing it, was incredibly helpful. Learning more about the science of my symptoms was a game changer. She helped ease my fears around the derealization I've been experiencing, which is a key component to alleviating it altogether. The follow-up email I received from Gila was full of helpful tools and information to keep me progressing through my recovery process and was above and beyond anything ever provided to me from the many doctors and therapists I've seen in the past. Since speaking with Gila, my fear has continued to diminish and my symptoms have started to alleviate. I've prioritized relaxing my mind and body and am encouraged by the continual progress I'm seeing on a daily and weekly basis. It's also comforting to know I have someone to reach out to if things were to get bad again.” - A.C., Copywriter 

I have seen a ton of changes since I started talking to Gila. It was very helpful to know scientifically what was happening to me, because then I knew that I wasn't going insane, it was just a chemical imbalance/surplus. Not only was just talking to someone that deals with the same thing I have helpful, but also the tips and emails were very helpful. If I ever needed reassurance, I look back at her emails which helped because I can't always think straight when I'm in the moment. When I have something written down, it helps a lot. It is very helpful to know that many other people deal with depersonalization, that way I know that I'm not alone. The changes I've seen consist of being able to think more positively, training myself to know what to do when I'm feeling anxious, and being able to know that I can get through the episode. - R.L, High School student

“Thank you so much, Gila. Talking to you has made me feel so much better and words can not describe how much I appreciate the conversation with you. I will definitely schedule another session soon to discuss my progress.” R.K., college student

Phone/Skype sessions are on a sliding scale for a 50-minute phone or video call, which includes follow-up emails, resources, and email/text support. Email me here to inquire about scheduling and rates.


Anxiety Resources

DARE is the most helpful book and system I’ve found that explains anxiety, panic attacks, derealization, and the best ways to manage them. You can also download a very helpful free App with relaxation exercises, anxiety-busting affirmations, and SOS scripts to de-escalate panic attacks.

Anxietycentre.com has excellent information about anxiety and panic. In dealing with anxiety, knowledge is power. Learn what is happening in your body and brain and why to de-mask the frightening physical and emotional sensations of anxiety.