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When Life Gave Me Lemons, I Had a Panic Attack

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An Inch-Long Bug Lived in My Ear for Months, but My Doctor Dismissed It as Anxiety: Misdiagnosis and gender bias in medicine

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An Ode to Two Dots, the Game That Eases My Anxious Mind

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I Suffer Panic Attacks at the Gym: Here's What Helps Me Get Past the Anxiety

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Derealization and Me: This Common Anxiety Symptom Makes Me Feel Like Reality Is Slipping Away

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How To Tell A New Partner You Have A Mental Illness

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The Terror at Cherry Blossoms: The Jewish Body and Intergenerational Trauma 

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Luxury Gyms: The Unexpected Place I Found Home

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My Student Wrote ‘My Brother Dead.’ I Corrected His Grammar: When Compassion is an Occupational Hazard

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Creativity and Madness: On Writing Through the Drugs 

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What I learned from my fling with the 1% 
I spent a steamy, awkward evening watching strangers make out to change the world 

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Female Friendships and Online Literary Sexism 
    Le amicizie femminili e il sessismo letterario online (translated into Italian for the Roman Magazine, Edizioni SUR)
Amy: Queen of Decay 
A Girl and Her Car 

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Media Cleansing for Writers 

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The Wolf is Waiting 

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Flow It, Show It: The Spirituality of Hair 

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She's Got the Look: Gila Lyons learns to live with New York City Voyeurism


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Publishing Books About Grief, Loss, and Recovery: How Literature Helps Us Heal
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Prize for Thrillers in Which No Woman is Beaten, Stalked, Sexually Exploited, or Murdered Sparks Debate

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Abandon Me: Love, Loss, and Family Legacy
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What Would Happen if One Woman Told the Truth about Her Life?: Zoe Zolbrod's Searing Memoir of Survival
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Why This Collection Of Essays By Women Is Essential For Literature And For Life
American Cunts Fight Back! Comedian Jena Friedman 
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Body Politics: Writing Reproductive Rights and Justice During the War on Women
Partial List of Books Mentioned at NonfictioNow Conference in Flagstaff 
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The Great Escape 

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Health Writing


Celiac Signs and Symptoms & Treatment
Tension Headaches: Causes, Treatment & Relief
What Causes Abdominal Pain? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments
Abdominal Pain & Pelvic Pain in Women: Causes & Symptoms

Go Ask Alice! 

I wrote as "Alice" for three years. Below are a selection of my Alice pieces:

Tell partner I think I have HIV?
Help me stop stalking my ex and his new partner
Father died, grief grows — How to cope?
Thongs — Do they cause UTIs or Yeast Infections?
Getting over Divorce Pain?
Sharp chest pains — Heart attack? Stress? Heartburn?
Family death five years ago
Partner insults me after sex — what to do?
Can't wake up in the winter
Spontaneous tripping — causes?
Too much masturbation affects orgasms? 
Boyfriend said "I love you" to another woman
Hypothyroidism symptoms?
What is an HMO?
Chocolate — Good or bad?
Safe, non-toxic way to get rid of roaches?
Foaming after sex
Who to date? The looker or the bookworm?
Marriage at a lull?
My partner is moving in, but they're allergic to my pets
A fungus among us: Candida 
I'm NOT faking Orgasm!
Low-tar and low-nicotine cigarettes?
How often to wash hair?
Kombucha — Diet supplement?
Sex and spinal cord injuries
Sex regret
Chromium picolinate to boost metabolism?
Avocados are fatty — Are they healthy?
Questioning girlfriend's virginity
Difference between pot and hash
Alcohol and liver damage
The Zone diet
Cut by rusty metal! Do I need a tetanus shot?
Wedding butterflies: calming down on the big day?
What are CT scans and MRIs?
Calcium — How much is enough?
Becoming a vegetarian — Resources?
Under-eye circles — how can I get rid of them?
Moles that change color or increase in number: Cause for concern?
Iron, calcium, and constipation, oh my!
Now that your partner knows you have herpes...
Woman on woman oral sex: Is it better to give than to receive?
GHB, aka "liquid ecstasy"
Lack of, and lackluster, lovemaking
Ephedrine (ma huang) — Uses and dangers?
Gay men having sex with women?
Herpes eye infection and blindness?
Sibutramine (Meridia) weight loss drug
Boyfriend is always late and I'm frustrated
What to drink before, during, and after physical activity
Reduced fat and calorie diets: How low is too low?
Can you get pregnant the first time?
Non-meat protein Sources
Circumcision and sex
Fantasizing in the wrong direction?
Ginseng — Does it work? How?
I need free birth control! Please?
How to stop being a vegetarian/start eating meat?
Can't stop chewing Nicorette (nicotine gum)!
What causes laughter?
Pain-in-the-rear. Proctalgia fugax?
Fiancé laughs after orgasm
Ooh, baby, I like it raw (or, is a raw diet healthy?)
Secondhand smoke, mainstream smoke, and side-stream smoke: Dangers and differences
Is it true that eating too many carbohydrates can cause diabetes?
Still stressed by September 11th: Am I overreacting?
Does Ritalin have sexual side effects?
Is soreness a good indicator of a good workout?
Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
The genetics of eye color inheritance
Are antidepressants ruining our sex life?
Spinal cord injury, no mobility — How can I lose weight?
What's up with FluMist?
Ow! My (nether) lips! Labiaplasty?
Will past experimentation with drugs lead to permanent brain damage?
Alkaline water: Is it better for your body?
Frenulum breve
What should I look for in mouthwash?
Mixing uppers with downers — Bad idea? 
Hormonal birth control not an option – blood clotting disorder
Low blood pressure leads to fainting?
Help! For a friend who is cutting herself
Nervous or excited bowel movements
Alcohol withdrawal and extreme fatigue
Guarana vs. caffeine?
Post-active duty – Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?
Privacy and STI testing — Who will know my results?
How effective is at-home HIV testing kit?
Is wine a fruit serving?
Will probiotic-enriched yogurt aid digestion?
Smoking withdrawal symptoms and how to quit
Adderall, alcohol, and alternative treatments for ADHD
I'm not very hand-y (or, how to give a good hand job)
Recreational codeine use — Health effects?
Blue balls, blue ovaries?
What is E. coli?
Reusable vs. disposable pads?
How can boyfriend with cerebral palsy get in touch with his body?
Legit reasons to go to therapy/counseling?
Free fun in New York City?
I’m melting… inhaling carbon dioxide
Intercourse just before child birth?
Fishy body odor (trimethylaminuria)
Mile-high orgasms — more intense?
Do I have schizophrenia?
Nalgene water bottles and BPA leaching?
Breast binding safety
Probiotics and birth control effectiveness
Weird to ask my doctor to find G-spot?
I want to breastfeed... my partner
Breast lump
Acne below the belt
Thermogenic dietary supplements (e.g. Hydroxycut) — safe?
Hold the orgasm, please – the Karezza technique
Does diabetes affect sex?
Chlamydia treatment — 100 percent effective?
Push up bras and bra sizing